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Fidelity will host a complimentary telephone call or meeting to review your construction site, desired design elements, budget, typical schedule, and modular construction expectations.  We will work with your architect to provide a preliminary cost estimate to help you evaluate the feasibility of your project.  If you have not engaged an architect, we can work with you to select design professionals specializing in a modular approach to construction.

Design and Pre-construction

Once the preliminary designs are complete, you will engage Fidelity to work with your architects and engineers to finalize the plans and specifications.  We will work with you to select design elements that will help you achieve a construction price within your budget.  We can coordinate the planning for the transportation of the modules to your site, and assist with selection of a local contractor who will prepare the site for the modules and finalize the work on site once the modules are delivered.  Once these steps are completed, we will provide you with a detailed estimate of factory construction costs and contract documents.  After you’ve entered into a contract with Fidelity, we will work with your architect and local contractor to obtain the required state and local permits.

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Factory Construction

Once the permits are approved, we will begin construction of the modules in our factory.  During construction, our team of experienced craftsmen will take great care in building your modern home with an acute attention to enduring quality.  We will communicate with you throughout the factory construction process, sharing photos and videos of our progress.  We welcome you to visit our factory during construction to view your home, and require a final visit prior to shipment to ensure the modules meet your expectations.

Delivery and Completion

Upon completion and approval for shipment, the modules will be transported from our factory to your home site.  We will work with the local site contractor to coordinate the delivery and set of the modules on the foundation on your home site.  The modules are usually set in one day, creating an exciting event in your neighborhood.  Over the next few weeks, the site contractor will complete any necessary exterior and interior finishes so your new modern home is ready for you.